Dreams Eternal tries to concentrate on the storyline instead of just shooting

Dreams Eternal is an FPS game which tries to concentrate on the storyline instead of just shooting. The goal of the game is also to have a scary athmosphere. Basically the game will play in the dream world and will concentrate on puzzle solving.

This is what we have at the moment. I think this is not yet rich enough to make the game complete. I can probably think of a few extensions to this story easily but I first want to throw this in the ring to see if others have some ideas too.

* The hero.
* The news items showing various unrelated items and one item about the scientific experiment (but with very little detail).
* The journalist bringing those news item.
* The journalist dream which will bring the first batch of important clues (like how to find the scientists and their dreams).
* The dream of the hero itself which should connect to the dream of the journalist. This connection can happen because the hero`s dream contains fragments of the television things he just saw before going to bed and the journalist itself is also dreaming about some of that stuff... This is an example of dreams slightly overlapping.
* The scientists. They started the experiment. They are incapacitated because they all got caught by some creature from their dreams so they are incapable of finishing the experiment.
* The safety machine that the scientists built (in the real world) so that they could exit the experiment at will. Unfortunatelly it doesn`t work very well. The hero will have to find a way to fix that problem (how?)
* The building where the scientist experiment is taking place. This building is also shown on the news item and it is the place where the dreams of some of the scientists are happening. The hero needs to get to that place in the dream world. Note that not all scientists should be dreaming about that place.


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