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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

XBlockOut, X Window block dropping game in 3 Dimension

The grand father of this game is TETRIS, its father is BLOCKOUT on PC/DOS.

Blockout is a registered trademark of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., used by permission.

The player must place 3D pieces by translations and rotations in order to fill the game floor. The game is realtime and the speed increases with the player skill.

You can see the complete manual of the xbl command. If you can't resist you can retrieve the game (xbl-1.1.5.tar.gz).

The author is Thierry Excoffier (a LIRIS researcher).

What's XBL doesn't have yet:

* Obstacles, goals, ...
* Multi-player game.
* Really fun sounds.

Every one can contribute to this game.

The menu window

Menu window

The zoo window

Zoo window

The score window

Score window

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