10 Best Linux Games for 2013.

As we know, Linux has been liked by users but not by game lovers. But from some time developers are working over the task to create interesting games for Linux. And today, we’ve an astounding collection of Linux games.

Such games are not only likable by the users but the game lovers also appreciating them too.
Via this article we are presenting the collection of 10 Best Linux Games of 2013. This collection is completely provided for game lovers. Check this once and share your views.

1.- Braid.
If we talk about the most popular Linux games, Braid is the name which comes at first. Basically, it’s a puzzle solving game with respect to the fast moving time. The game provides you a chance to immerse yourself in the gaming world. If you’re truly passionate for puzzle games, you should try this once.
2.- Faster than Light.
Best Linux Games of 2013 (2)
Faster than light is totally dedicated to space mission game lovers. In this game, player has to control his spacecraft in the space where a bunch of enemies are ready to destroy the player’s spacecraft. Along with this player has to complete various missions and destruct spacecrafts of enemies with his spacecraft which is fully loaded with various kind of guns, lasers, shields and much more.
3.- Super Hexagon
Best Linux Games of 2013 (2)
While watching this game for first time, you must consider it a simple game. But actually it’s not so! In this game you should have good concentration strength, because you’ve to control a small triangle (whether moving it in left or right) to save it from incoming lines and other shapes. To play this game properly, you’ve to be able to take actions quickly and properly when lots of things are trying to distract your mind.
4.- Anodyne.
Best Linux Games of 2013 (3)
Anodyne is the combo package of action and puzzle games. It’s graphics are inspired by Nintendo graphics. No doubt, it’s not too much hard game to play but the interest and enjoyment of this game is incomparable. In this game, you’ve to search for various keys to get into different areas. So don’t wait too much to play Anodyne.
5.- Battle of Wesnoth.
Best Linux Games of 2013 (3)
Battle of Wesnoth is considered as the most interesting and enjoyable strategical games. If we talk about the game-play there is nothing too much action or hustle and bustle but fun is always there. You can download a lots of add-on related to this game. On the whole, if you’re strategy game lover, you must try this game.

6.- Penumbra Series.
Best Linux Games of 2013 (4)
Penumbra series is set of three interesting games. Don’t forget to switch off your headphone while playing these game, because the scary audio effects can cause a heart attack. To experience some kind of games, penumbra series is best to try.
7.- Dungeons of Dredmor.
Best Linux Games of 2013 (4)
While playing RPG games, character making is one of the most interesting part. While creating a new character, you think about all strengths and weaknesses of the character.
Dungeons of Dredmors provides this fun to a large extent. In this game, you can give a new direction to your imagination and creativity. And it’s set of creative options make it more funny and interesting.
8.- Kerbal Space Program.
Best Linux Games of 2013 (5)
It’s very hard to find anything more interesting than flying a rocket. And Kerbal Space Program is providing the same. In this game, you’ve to complete complete various space missions. With the completion of each and every mission you’ll earn some money which helps you to buy new and amazing spacecrafts. Just try this once, you’ll like this game for sure.
9.- Dwarf Fortress.
Best Linux Games of 2013 (5)
According to previous records, Dwarf Fortress is very popular game among the Linux users. In this game you’ve to save your dwarves from attacking enemies and help them to find eatables and other essentials. It’s very difficult game to play. You’ve to give good efforts to in this game. Don’t give-up if you loose, just play and win the game.
10.- Super Meat Boy.
Best Linux Games of 2013 (6)
Super Meat Boy is very funny and interesting game. In this game, the player act as a meat cube and his task is to save his loving girlfriend from bad and evil Dr. Fetus. It’s providing more the 300 various game levels. And the difficulty goes on increasing with the increase in game level. And difficult levels are very hard to play for a normal persons.
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