Ardentryst is an arcade game with focus on a fantasy world.

Ardentryst is an action/arcade role-playing game with focus on a fantasy world by the same name.
The player is guided through a storyline which he or her must act in and play a major role in keeping peace and order in Ardentryst.

The game features two playable characters and a variety of weapons, items, armour, monsters, and beautiful level scenery and graphics.

Ardentryst is a platformer game and plays similarly to games such as Castlevania and Maplestory. There are RPG elements present in the game such as attributes, abilities and an inventory system which increases the depth of in-game play. Levels are played in a sequence defined by the world map, similar to the Donkey Kong Country series games, and there is a boss stage at the end of every world.
  • Two playable characters
  • A good number of weapons, armour, items and accessories
  • Things you equip will be visible on your character as you play (eg. weapons, armour)
  • Walking, jumping, special abilities per char/level
  • A fantasy storyline
  • Spells, magic and summoning
  • Lots of monsters and friendly NPC characters
  • Lots and lots of sprite art married with digital painting, mainly in Anime and FF style
  • Fighting combos and flexible fighting system
  • Worldwide competition
  • A well-suited soundtrack and high-quality music and effects
  • 3 epic worlds/locations with bosses at the end of each--play as both characters to go through all worlds
  • Customise your character, allowing different play styles
  • Python 2.4 or greater (probably not Python 3)
  • pygame
  • A decent computer (1.6GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, dedicated graphics card at least)
Anyone is free to download the source code to the game and play with it. You can get it directly from the project page . The requirements to run are Python 2.4+ (Python 3 is unsupported) and pygame. The game is licensed under GPL v3 and you are not permitted to use the source code for commercial purposes.
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