viTetris is a terminal-based Tetris clone.

vitetrislogoviTetris is a terminal-based Tetris clone by Victor Nilsson. Gameplay is much like the early Tetris games by Nintendo.
Features include:
  • Configurable keys
  • Highscore table
  • Two-player mode with garbage
  • Network play
  • Joystick (gamepad) support on Linux or with Allegro
It has been tested on Linux, NetBSD and a few other Unix-like systems, and ported to Windows and DOS. Library dependencies are minimal (only libc is required), and many features can be disabled at compile-time.
Version 0.50 can run in graphics mode using the Allegro library, but blocks are still "drawn" as characters with an 8x16 console font.
Source Code
To compile vitetris you need a Unix-like environment with a C compiler and other basic development tools.
Built with gcc 3.4.6 for i486-linux on Slackware 11.0.
Linux Packages
  • Gentoo: ebuild-vitetris-0.57.tar.bz2
    Packaged by matt the guy. Unpack into $PORTDIR_OVERLAY (in /etc/make.conf, often set to /usr/local/portage).
    Then type "emerge vitetris" and you're done.


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