OpenRA Guide: Chapter Three: Player Personality

There are many OpenRA players from all over the globe. The interesting thing is, they all have different ways of playing, different build orders and different personalities.

Types of OpenRA Players

Offensive Players

Players that play dangerously offensive use an aggressive build order solely for attacking and destroying other players early in-game with deadly rushes. Their disadvantage is the middle- and late-game where defensive players have more ore trucks up and running if they defended successfully.

Defensive Players

Some players like to play defensively, building up their base and defenses and conquering the map forcing the other player to run out of resources and then finally, using Super Weapons (Chronosphere/Nuke) To destroy the player later into the game.

Supporting Players

Some players keep an eye on their friends and tend to support other team-players by helping them expand, Attack, Defend and just helping them out. This is often the key to success. Having one those characters in your team game is often more helpful than lone wolves.

Power Players

These types of players usually go for Fast and Dangerous build orders like getting out tanks and aircraft fast. These players usually need teammates to help them in case of an early attack since they do not build any defenses early game. Nuke'm Bro. and Buddha are good examples.

Players will always have a distinct personality when It comes to playing. So keep that in mind. If an enemy player likes to use tanks, Build rocket troops to counter-attack. If the enemy likes planes, get AA or Sam Sites. ETC.

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