Inner Worlds is a fun, very atmospheric shareware game that rivals Konami's.

Inner_Worlds_LogoInner Worlds, is an incredible new side-scroll fantasy action adventure, for DOS & Windows 95. This game was developed by a team of very talented and energetic people scattered across the entire globe and brought together by the internet.

In Inner Worlds you play the role of a strong and beautiful woman whose quest-name is Nikita. Nikita has the astonishing ability to turn into a ferocious she-wolf! Nikita's quest is to track down The Claws, the evil creation of a misguided genius. The Claws has plagued the world for generations.

You will guide Nikita through the first episode, "Wizard's World" as she searches the ruins of Castle Drofanayrb for clues to where The Claws has gone. In episode two, "World of Change" you must venture through uninhabited and dangerous lands to reach a terrifying volcano, the hiding place of The Claws.

In the final episode, Nikita will struggle through a bewildering array of pitfalls as she heads for the "Heart of the World" to reach the lair of The Claws, uncover its secret and rid the world of its terror forever.

Inner Worlds incorporates many cutting edge, and never-before-seen features:
  • Full speed, full screen, full color VGA graphics under MSDOS & Windows 95
  • Runs at the top speed (32-bit mode) of your 386/486/Pentium computer
  • Over 20 levels deep of full parallax, true perspective 3D scrolling
  • 70 frames per second on fast machines
  • Completely unique non-tiled backgrounds.
  • Shadows, smoke and semi-transparent objects.
  • 27 huge levels of action-packed, heart-pounding adventure
  • An arch-nemesis that has to be seen to be believed!
  • 17 Megabytes of graphics, sound and music
  • Custom dos-extender & sound/music driver
Unlike other games at the time, in Inner Worlds the main character gets stronger through the course of the game in addition to collecting new items and weapons, as would be expected in role playing game. On almost every level the player is able to find an amulet which increases maximum mana or health. Killing unusual monsters allows the player to learn some spells to create magical arrows or fireballs.
Although the game appears to be a typical platform game with levels grouped into three episodes, there are many RPG elements, which make the game much more complex. Although episodes must be played in proper order, the level structure of the game is not strictly linear as it is possible to skip some levels and return to them later in the episode. In addition to jumping, running and fighting monsters, Nikita is able to shapeshift into a wolf at anytime, if she has enough mana, which gives her access to otherwise unaccessible locations. She also can collect many kinds of weapons and other special items such as keys, scrolls and potions. Some of them can give her some special abilities. It is even possible to enchant the weapon chosen by the player to dramatically change its power and behavior.

Episode 1
"Wizard's World"
In Wizard's World, you play the role of the strong and beautiful woman whose quest-name is Nikita. Nikita has the astonishing ability to turn into a ferocious she-wolf! Nikita's quest is to track down The Gralob, the evil creation of a misguided genius.
The Gralob has plagued the world for generations and it is Nikita's wolf-born destiny to free her people from its evil clutches.
Episode 2
"World of Change"
After defeating the Gralob at Castle Drofanayrb, Nikita learns that the Gralob was only one of two brutal minions of a still more terrible threat. Although the land of her birth is safe for now from the Gralob's cruel reign of terror, she returns to her homeland only to discover that her true destiny still lies ahead.
All new landscapes await her as she undertakes a cross-country odyssey through a World of Change.
New scrolls, potions, weapons, monsters and adventures! Nine new levels! Tons of new graphics, sounds and music!
Episode 3
"Heart of the World"
In the last episode of the Inner Worlds trilogy, Nikita finally learns her true destiny and sets out on the final adventure which she will undertake in this world.
She must travel to a huge volcanic mountain inside which lives the secret of Drofanayrb's horrible experiments.
Will she reach the Heart of the World? Will she be able to face what she finds there and do what she must to banish the evil unleashed by the Wizard's unspeakable tampering with nature?


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