Amphetamine is a cool Jump'n Run game offering some unique visual effects.

AmphetamineAmphetamine is a cool Jump'n Run adventure game witch offers some unique visual effects Amphetamine was created by Jonas Spillmann.

I ported it from Windows to Linux. It will also work under some versions of Solaris on SPARC. The current version uses SDL.

The Unix/SDL version is maintained by Lukas Loehrer.

left/right arrows move
left control fire
space bar jump
tab action (press buttons)
ESC menu
ALT+s screenshot
You can customize most controls by copying the file user.conf from the Amphetamine data directory to your ~/.amph directory. Modify it to suit your needs.

Many aspect of the gameplay are controlled by the file amph.conf in the main Amphetamine directory. Of most interest are the options right at the beginning of the file that control the physics. If the game seems to slow/fast to you, changing some of those values may help.

DGA Mode:
Use the option --fullscreen to enable DGA fullscreen support. I cannot test this myself, because my X Server does not support it properly. I am grateful for any feedback regarding this option.

· Simple Direct Layer (SDL) v1.0 or newer

1. Make sure SDL is installed correctly.
2. Have a look at the 'Makefile' and edit it where appropriate.
- 'USE_LIB_XPM=FALSE' if you don't have libXpm
3. Type 'make'. This should build the Amphetamine binary. You can safely ignore the numerous warnings. If the compilation fails, you are in in trouble. Try to tweak the 'Makefile'. You have to delete '-funroll-loops' if you are still using gcc
4. Become root and type 'make install'. This will install the binary to the directory specified in the makefile (default is '/usr/local/games/amph'). It will also create a symbolic link.
5. You have managed the difficult bit. Now, you have to install the data files required by the game. Get 'amphetamine-${VERSION}' an do:
- cd /usr/local/games
- bzip2 -cd ~/ | tar xv
(Note: the exact commands depend on your syste configuration)
6. type 'amph' in order to run the game and have fun!




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