LAB3D/SDL is a port of Ken's Labyrinth to modern operating systems, using OpenGL.

LAB3D/SDL is a port of Ken's Labyrinth to modern operating systems, using OpenGL for graphics output and the SDL library to provide user input, sound output, threading, and some graphics support functions.

Music output is through Adlib emulation or MIDI (MIDI only on Windows, Linux and other operating systems with OSS-compatible sound APIs).

This code has been tested on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, SuSE Linux 7.2, 8.1 and 9.1, Debian Linux 2.2, SunOS 5.8 (Solaris 8) and FreeBSD 4.7. As this program is provided for free, neither Ken Silverman nor Jan Lönnberg take any responsibility for any effects, adverse or otherwise, resulting from the use of this program.

Current version: 2.32 (11/10/2004).

Improvements over the original Ken's Labyrinth:
  • Runs natively on 32-bit Windows or Linux (and possibly some similar systems).
  • Uses OpenGL to provide hardware accelerated, anti-aliased graphics with trilinear interpolation in true colour (where available).
  • Multiple simultaneous sound effects.
  • Improved General MIDI music.
  • Many bug fixes.
LAB3D/SDL was written by Jan Lönnberg based on the original Ken's Labyrinth by Ken Silverman.

Download an all-in-one package or follow the below instructions:
  • Make sure that you have SDL (version 1.2 or later) installed.
  • Download and install the full version of Ken's Labyrinth 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 or 2.1.
  • One of the following:

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