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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

35 More of the Best Free and High Quality Linux Games Adventure.


Some years ago a friend of mine told me that the Linux based operating systems were like arthouse films Iranians unintelligible, boring and only for freaks.

Today, fortunately Iranian cinema has been open to the world and it is not uncommon to find people who have enjoyed the film by Samira Makhmalbaf for example.
What about the Linux?

As has also evolved, and therefore has gone from Iranian cinema pelicua class hero Steven Seagal.

I refer to the evidence: adventure games list ded essential open source Linux.

  • Alexei: Part IX

    Alexei: Part IX is a Free Software graphical adventure game in the style of the Rob Blanc and Arthur Yahtzee trilogies.

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    (commercial) Amnesia is an exploration-based adventure horror game played from a first-person perspective. The game retains the physical object interaction used in the Penumbra series, allowing for advanced physics based puzzles and interactions such as opening doors and fixing machinery. It is a game that focuses on immersion, discovery, and living through a nightmare.

  • Armadillo's adventure

    Armadillo's adventure is an adventure game set within a fantasy world. It also includes a toolkit for making your own adventures.

  • Bocfel

    Bocfel is an interpreter for the Z-machine, which means that it can be used to play Infocom games as well as other games based on the Z-machine.

  • Catch the Furball

    Catch the Furball is an icebreaker-like game for friends to play around a computer. It is partly based on Generica, which has received kind comments from players.

  • Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Roenk

    Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk (Choerbaerts search for the Rönk, or CSNDR for short) is the name of a 2d adventure. Its code is based on SDL and OpenGL.

  • Crown and Cutlass

    Crown and Cutlass is a 3d pirate action/adventure game in the spirit of the old Pirates! game. It is simultaneously being developed in Linux and Windows, with a strong emphasis on cross-platform compatability.

  • Cute Knight Deluxe

    (commercial) In Cute Knight Deluxe, an orphan girl searches for her destiny. Train in jobs and classes to raise skills, make friends, and find romance, then use those skills to conquer the monsters in the dungeon. Design and dress your unique character to reach one of fifty storybook endings.


    Dave's AGI Interpreter ("DAGII") is a reimplementation of Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter ("AGI"). In short, it allows you to play some old-school adventure games such as King's Quest and Space Quest on modern computer systems.

  • EGSL

    EGSL is a small interpreter written in Pascal which can execute Lua scripts.

  • EQEmu

    EQEmu is an attempt to recreate the Everquest server software runnable from a Windows or Linux machine. Content is stored in a MySQL database, and allows you to create custom creatures, items, and quest content in game.

  • FreeSCI

    FreeSCI is an attempt to create a portable interpreter for games written for Sierra On-Line's SCI system.

  • FrobTADS

    FrobTADS is a complete rewrite of the Unix console-version of TADS ("Text Adventure Development System"). It uses curses (or ncurses) and provides an interpreter to play games developed with TADS as well as the TADS 2 and 3 development tools. It adds support for a number of relatively recent user interface features including full support for text and background colors, TADS 3 banner windows, and timed input. It's also much more portable and more easily maintainable, as it's built to modern Unix standards.

  • Frotz

    Frotz is an interpreter for all Infocom games that has been ported to many operating systems including Linux. Released as freeware.

  • Future Boy!

    (commercial) Future Boy! is an adventure game that bills itself more than interactive fiction?it's an interactive comic book.

  • Gnome Inform

    GNOME Inform 7 is a GNOME port of the Inform 7 IDE for creating interactive fiction or text adventures.

  • Heart of The Alien Redux

    Heart of The Alien Redux is the sequel for the undoubtably the best adventure of all times, Another World. Developed back in 1994 by Interplay exclusively for the Sega CD console. This is an open-source project which aims to bring this highly-addictive game to all modern consoles and computer platforms.

  • HLA Adventure

    HLA Adventure is an open-source adventure game that features Mippy, a cute dragon.

  • Humm and Strumm

    Humm and Strumm is a 3D adventure game in which two players must collaboratively solve puzzles and fight enemies in order to stop the evil Dr. Geoff from taking over the world.

  • Hyperplay

    Hyperplay is a multimedia authoring engine designed for graphical adventure-style game.

  • Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

    (commercial) Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb is a classic adventure game tells the tale of Rif the Fox and his attempt to prove his innocence in the theft of the Orb of Storms, a relic of the ancient Humans. The player guides Rif and his companions/guards Okk the Boar and Eeah the Elk in discovering clues, overcoming challenges, and exploring a land of intelligent, humanoid animals. Available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

  • Kwest

    Kwest is a port of the popular Unix Frotz interpreter to KDE.

  • Labyrinth of Worlds

    Labyrinth of Worlds is a rewrite of the first-person role-playing game Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds that came out in the early 1990s.

  • Narcissu

    Narcissu is a conversion of a Japanese "visual novel" game released by Stage-Nana, which tells the story of a road trip taken by a boy and a girl who are both terminally ill.

  • QTads

    QTads is a GUI interpreter for Tads games, running under Unix-based X11 systems (like Linux and FreeBSD).

  • Sarien

    Sarien is a Sierra AGI interpreter that enables you to play Sierra AGI version 2 and version 3 games, as well as AGI games written by other people.

  • Soviet Unterzögersdorf

    Soviet Unterzögersdorf is the last existing appanage republic of the USSR. The enclave maintains no diplomatic relationship with the surrounding so-called «Republic of Austria» or with the Fortress «European Union». The downfall of her motherland -- the Soviet Union -- in the early 1990s had a particularly bad effect on the country's economic situation.

  • Stendhal

    Stendhal is a multiplayer online adventures game inspired in Acorn with the 90's Zelda look. Your task is to talk with other people in the village and find jobs to do that will drive to interesting quests that will reveal the hidden plot behind the world of stendhal

  • Super Star Trek

    Super Star Trek is a port of the classic Star Trek game with a text-based window interface.

  • The Guild

    The Guild is a fully rendered/raytraced first-person interactive adventure. It will contain fully rendered animations, digitized speech and a soundtrack.

  • The Journey Down

    (commercial) The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga with a black African twist.

  • Troll Bridge

    Troll Bridge is an adventure in the style of the original Legend of Zelda. The main character is a troll who has escaped from slavery. By finding clues and collecting items, the character works to free his people.

  • Undead Invasion

    Undead Invasion is an adventure based game with an extensible format.

  • Underworld Adventures

    Underworld Adventures is a project to recreate Ultima Underworld 1 on modern operating systems (e.g. Win32, Linux or MacOS), using the original game files. It uses OpenGL for 3D graphics, the SDL library for platform specific tasks and Lua for scripting.

  • XZip

    XZip is a clean X Windows interface to games written in Infocom's Z-code game format. It handles Z-code versions 1 through 5 and version 8.

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Airstrike is a 2D dogfight game in the tradition of the Intellivision and Amiga games 'Biplanes' and 'BIP'.

airstrikeAirstrike is a 2d dogfighting game being slowly developed by various people around the net. 

It is not yet playable although there is an old version which may be a bit fun to try.

We are developing the game using only freely available tools, and we try to do everything ourselves. 

The source code and the 3d models are released under the GPL licence.

Features include alpha blended raytraced graphics and accurate physics.

The picture on the left is a part of a screenshot from the game. 



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Ambassador of Pain (Aop) is a curses based arcade game for Linux.

aop_level2Ambassador of Pain (Aop) is a curses based arcade game for Linux/UNIX with only 64 lines of sourcecode.


To download the source code click here: aop-0.6.tar.gz
Additionally you may want to browse the archive here.


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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Last Sorceror is a fast-action game where you are the leader of a powerful Order of Sorcerors.

last sorceror2The Last Sorceror is a fast-action game where you are the leader of a powerful Order of Sorcerors. 

Having defeated mankind's greatest enemy, the Demon Hordes, you retreat to Haven for a life of peaceful seclusion.

This game features Robotron-style action, with the main character being a Wizard who can lay waste to enemy hordes using a variety of magical spells. 

Contrary to what it says in the game's exit screen, it is perfectly fine to distribute these files to whomever you wish. 


last sorceror
last sorceror1
last sorceror2

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Penumbra: Overture is a first person adventure game which focuses on story, immersion and puzzles.

Penumbra Overture is a first person adventure game which focuses on story, immersion and puzzles. Instead of using violence to progress the player has to use his/her wits to guide Philip on his quest to unravel the past
Like all good nightmares, Philip's begins with something all too real - his mother's death. The days following the funeral are characterized by nothing, save for an incessant feeling of abandonment. Until, that is, he receives a letter from a dead man.

Philip's father left before he was born, taking his reasons with him. Now, here he is, opening up the door from beyond the grave. That door leads to more questions, and those questions lead to Greenland. Philip follows the clues - they're all he has left.
On leaving the final signs of human civilization behind him, in search of the location mentioned in his father's ambiguous notes, Philip wonders if he's left some part of his humanity behind as well. Soon, that will be the least of his fears.

Now, Philip needs your help. He's found an inexplicable metal hatch, in the middle of a frozen wasteland. Inside, is something yet more unfathomable.
Step into the unknown.
The Game.
Penumbra is a first person horror adventure focussing on story, immersion and puzzle solving. Violence and combat is hardly an option - the player has to use wits to guide Philip through his final test, and this makes the series unique in offering a truly dangerous and terrifying experience.
Played from a first person perspective and powered by a 3D engine utilising cutting edge technology, Penumbra is a true advancement to the adventure genre. The unique physics system allows for true environmental interaction: The player can open drawers, pull levers, pick up objects and manipulate those objects in 3D space - all using natural mouse movements, creating a highly interactive and immersive game world.

The Penumbra series' central character, Philip, is realistically vulnerable, while enemies are fierce and intelligent. Any object can be picked up and thrown in defence, but the end result might only be to buy some time, or more likely, anger enemies further. Avoiding, outwitting and sneaking past enemies entirely provide the best chance of survival.

Penumbra will put players on edge like never before as they explore bizarre and mysterious environments, the unknown awaiting them behind every corner. The world is detailed both in terms of graphical fidelity and narrative character - The Penumbra Series is a horrific experience that will grip players from its opening thrills to it chilling denouement.
penumbra overture start
While the game received mostly favorable reviews, it was criticized on a number of fronts, especially for its rather crude combat system and sometimes confusing or poorly implemented story elements, causing Eurogamer to comment that the game would "do better if it relied on its own inherent spookiness rather than trying to create artificial atmosphere by banging on about a character we don't have any real reason to care about, something about his dad, destiny and miners writing stupidly long notes to themselves about their imminent horrible deaths." It did however praise the character of Red, stating that he was "the most compelling element of the narrative, and wonderfully acted."

GameSpot in its review commented on the combat by saying that fights are often "so frenetic that it's almost impossible to control your movements" and that "it would have been much more sensible for the camera to lock on and move with enemies." It did however note that it did help differentiate Overture from more action oriented titles, saying that the "end result of the difficult combat is that you feel like an average Joe who wants to avoid zombie dogs with glowing eyes, not a video game superman out to stack dead canines like cordwood.

Linux Minimum Requirements:
Same hardware as Windows
Kernel 2.6 or higher(2.4 untested)
glibc 2.3
X11R6 with 3D acceleration
For x86_64 CPU, 32-bit environment
must be installed

penumbra overture
Purchase Information
The Penumbra Series consits of three games, all of which have been released and can be bought as digital downloads for Linux. 

Penumbra: Overture is the first game in the series, Penumbra: Black Plague is the second title and Penumbra: Requiem is an expansion for Black Plague.

All three games can be purchased as a collection for about $20.


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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Amphetamine is a cool Jump'n Run game offering some unique visual effects.

AmphetamineAmphetamine is a cool Jump'n Run adventure game witch offers some unique visual effects Amphetamine was created by Jonas Spillmann.

I ported it from Windows to Linux. It will also work under some versions of Solaris on SPARC. The current version uses SDL.

The Unix/SDL version is maintained by Lukas Loehrer.

left/right arrows move
left control fire
space bar jump
tab action (press buttons)
ESC menu
ALT+s screenshot
You can customize most controls by copying the file user.conf from the Amphetamine data directory to your ~/.amph directory. Modify it to suit your needs.

Many aspect of the gameplay are controlled by the file amph.conf in the main Amphetamine directory. Of most interest are the options right at the beginning of the file that control the physics. If the game seems to slow/fast to you, changing some of those values may help.

DGA Mode:
Use the option --fullscreen to enable DGA fullscreen support. I cannot test this myself, because my X Server does not support it properly. I am grateful for any feedback regarding this option.

· Simple Direct Layer (SDL) v1.0 or newer

1. Make sure SDL is installed correctly.
2. Have a look at the 'Makefile' and edit it where appropriate.
- 'USE_LIB_XPM=FALSE' if you don't have libXpm
3. Type 'make'. This should build the Amphetamine binary. You can safely ignore the numerous warnings. If the compilation fails, you are in in trouble. Try to tweak the 'Makefile'. You have to delete '-funroll-loops' if you are still using gcc
4. Become root and type 'make install'. This will install the binary to the directory specified in the makefile (default is '/usr/local/games/amph'). It will also create a symbolic link.
5. You have managed the difficult bit. Now, you have to install the data files required by the game. Get 'amphetamine-${VERSION}' an do:
- cd /usr/local/games
- bzip2 -cd ~/ | tar xv
(Note: the exact commands depend on your syste configuration)
6. type 'amph' in order to run the game and have fun!




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Frozen Bubble arcade game with colorful animated penguin eyecandy.

frozen-bubble-logoFrozen Bubble is a full-featured, colorful animated penguin eyecandy, 50 levels of 1p game, hours and hours of 2p game, professional quality 20-channels musics, 15 stereo sound effects, 7 unique graphical transition effects 

Frozen-Bubble is a clone of the popular "Puzzle Bobble" game, in which you attempt to shoot bubbles into groups of the same color to cause them to pop.

It features 100 single-player levels, a two-player mode, music and striking graphics. 

The game mainly consists of firing randomly chosen bubbles across the board. If the shoot ends up having a clump of at least 3 bubbles of the same color, they all pop.

If some bubbles were sticked only on the popping clump, they fall. In 1-player mode, the goal is to pop all the bubbles on the board as quickly as possible. In 2-players or network mode, you have to get your opponent to "die" before you.

The default controlling mechanism is through the keyboard, but you can play with a joystick or a joypad.

Features include:

    100 levels of 1 player games
    Hours and hours of 2 player games
    Network multiplayer
    Level editor
    3 professional quality 20-channel music
    15 stereo sound effects
    8 unique graphical transition effects
    8 unique logo eye-candies

Installing Frozen-Bubble.
By Linux distributions:
  • Mandriva: urpmi frozen-bubble
  • Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install frozen-bubble
  • Fedora Core: FC5 and up, in official Extras repository
  • openSUSE: check here
  • Gentoo: emerge sync && echo "games-arcade/frozen-bubble ~arch" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords && echo "media-libs/sdl-pango ~arch" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords && emerge frozen-bubble where ~arch is your architecture (x86 or amd64 etc)
    NB: USE-flag mikmod must be enabled in media-libs/sdl-mixer, ifi not the building process crashes and emerge asks the user to reemerge media-libs/sdl-mixer with proper use-flags.
  • Slackware: read that
Unofficial latest Frozen-Bubble for old Mandriva:
  • May work back until 2006 i586: frozen-bubble-2.2.0-0.1.20060mdk.i586.rpm [ Download ] - and probably libSDL_Pango1-0.1.2-1mdk.i586.rpm [ Download ]
Ports are not supported/endorsed by the original Frozen-Bubble team.
The game has been written in Perl/SDL and developed on a Mandriva Cooker Gnu/Linux distribution. You will need:
  • Perl: the most popular scripting language out there
  • SDL: the "standard" cross-platform multimedia C library
  • SDL_image: an image file loading library for SDL
  • SDL_mixer: a multi-channel audio mixer library for SDL
  • sdlperl: glue between perl and SDL; FB2 has been validated with versions 1.20.0, 1.20.3, 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 (upcoming 2.2.1 will be using new API in version 2.5x)
  • SDL_Pango: glue between Pango and SDL (SDL_Pango is currently unsupported and needs a small API patch to work with Frozen-Bubble)
Stable sourcecode:

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