Kairo is an exploration puzzle game where the player is tasked with bringing a city back to life.


Kairo is an indie adventure game, developed and published by Locked Door Puzzle, Richard Perrin's independent studio. Kairo is set in world of minimalist abstract architecture which the player must explore to solve the puzzle contained within.

Kairo is played from first person perspective and has no additional controls beyond the ability to look around and navigate the environment. Interaction comes in the form of pushing objects, standing on switches or the environment reacting to player movement.
There is no dialogue and very little text in the game. The narrative comes entirely through environmental storytelling as the world is filled with clues and hints towards the player's purpose.


Enter the lost world of Kairo. Explore vast abandoned monuments. Bring strange and ancient machinery back to life. Slowly uncover the true purpose of Kairo and fulfil a great destiny.

Kairo has received a positive reaction from critics. Eurogamer described the game as "mysterious and elegant and powerfully distinct" and toucharcade said "The world of Kairo is like a playable, explorable tone poem."

Kairo has been selected for exhibition at events including Develop Conference,Notgames Festival, Eurogamer Expo and Penny Arcade Expo.

Download demo.

Kairo is a first person exploration game and uses standard first person movement controls and has no additional means of interacting with the environment.

Much of the focus of the game comes from moving through the environments seeing what you can find there and experimenting with how the world reacts to your presence. The games features multiple hub areas that allow exploration off in different directions.

As the player explores they will find broken down machines that need to be repaired to make progress. With no direct interaction buttons, or inventory, these puzzles are solved by a combination of pushing objects or levels, standing on switches, or having the world itself realign based on player movement.







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