Frozen Bubble arcade game with colorful animated penguin eyecandy.

frozen-bubble-logoFrozen Bubble is a full-featured, colorful animated penguin eyecandy, 50 levels of 1p game, hours and hours of 2p game, professional quality 20-channels musics, 15 stereo sound effects, 7 unique graphical transition effects 

Frozen-Bubble is a clone of the popular "Puzzle Bobble" game, in which you attempt to shoot bubbles into groups of the same color to cause them to pop.

It features 100 single-player levels, a two-player mode, music and striking graphics. 

The game mainly consists of firing randomly chosen bubbles across the board. If the shoot ends up having a clump of at least 3 bubbles of the same color, they all pop.

If some bubbles were sticked only on the popping clump, they fall. In 1-player mode, the goal is to pop all the bubbles on the board as quickly as possible. In 2-players or network mode, you have to get your opponent to "die" before you.

The default controlling mechanism is through the keyboard, but you can play with a joystick or a joypad.

Features include:

    100 levels of 1 player games
    Hours and hours of 2 player games
    Network multiplayer
    Level editor
    3 professional quality 20-channel music
    15 stereo sound effects
    8 unique graphical transition effects
    8 unique logo eye-candies

Installing Frozen-Bubble.
By Linux distributions:
  • Mandriva: urpmi frozen-bubble
  • Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install frozen-bubble
  • Fedora Core: FC5 and up, in official Extras repository
  • openSUSE: check here
  • Gentoo: emerge sync && echo "games-arcade/frozen-bubble ~arch" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords && echo "media-libs/sdl-pango ~arch" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords && emerge frozen-bubble where ~arch is your architecture (x86 or amd64 etc)
    NB: USE-flag mikmod must be enabled in media-libs/sdl-mixer, ifi not the building process crashes and emerge asks the user to reemerge media-libs/sdl-mixer with proper use-flags.
  • Slackware: read that
Unofficial latest Frozen-Bubble for old Mandriva:
  • May work back until 2006 i586: frozen-bubble-2.2.0-0.1.20060mdk.i586.rpm [ Download ] - and probably libSDL_Pango1-0.1.2-1mdk.i586.rpm [ Download ]
Ports are not supported/endorsed by the original Frozen-Bubble team.
The game has been written in Perl/SDL and developed on a Mandriva Cooker Gnu/Linux distribution. You will need:
  • Perl: the most popular scripting language out there
  • SDL: the "standard" cross-platform multimedia C library
  • SDL_image: an image file loading library for SDL
  • SDL_mixer: a multi-channel audio mixer library for SDL
  • sdlperl: glue between perl and SDL; FB2 has been validated with versions 1.20.0, 1.20.3, 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 (upcoming 2.2.1 will be using new API in version 2.5x)
  • SDL_Pango: glue between Pango and SDL (SDL_Pango is currently unsupported and needs a small API patch to work with Frozen-Bubble)
Stable sourcecode:

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