Don Ceferino Hazaña action game similar to Super Pang.

ceferino hazaña  Don Ceferino Hazaña ais a game similar to 'Super Pang'. You are attacked by little green balls which are bouncing around and which you have to kill with your knife.
Your knife however is limited to being thrown upwards, thus you have to get under the balls to kill them.
Even worse, if you 'kill' a large ball, it doesn't just vanish, but breaks apart into two smaller balls.
Levels consist of little platforms connected by ladders, so you can go up and down or find cover if needed.

Additional System Requirements:
  • libSDL
  • libSDL_mixer
  • libSDL_image


ceferino hazaña3
ceferino hazaña2
ceferino hazaña1
ceferino hazaña4
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