Adanaxis is a playable demo of a forthcoming game in four spatial dimensions.

Adanaxis is the first in a new genre of action gaming, where the fundamentals of space itself are changed. By adding another dimension to space this game provides an environment like no other, recently made possible by the power of modern graphics hardware.

Initially it's like learning to play a 3D FPS for the first time, as the hand and eye have to learn a whole new type of coordination. Soon it becomes second nature, and you're rapidly blowing things out of the sky. The usual assortment of enemies, allies, weapons and power ups are there, and commercially sourced graphics, audio and voice acting add a little extra to this shareware title. Hopefully Adanaxis will convince you that this won't be the last title in spatial 4D.

Adanaxis is a deep space first-person shooter game in four spatial dimensions, written by Andy Southgate. The latest version of the game is 1.2.5. It is written in the C++ programming language using the GLUT library.

Adanaxis is designed to minimise the visibility and impact of 4D on the player. With just one extra control required, the game looks and plays a lot like a 3D shooter, with another aiming stage added on.

It uses 3D for rendering, and things like explosions, planets and galaxies look “normal”.

But other objects are rendered, very roughly, as projections of 4D objects on the 2D screen.[6] In the game manual, the author says he didn’t yet figure out how to implement real 4D and 4D explosions without making the game require a thousand times more processing power


* The basic Plasma Spitter is self-recharging but does minimal damage. Projectiles are guided, so once the player's crosshairs have registered a target (by turning blue or red) these projectiles will be guided to that target.
* The Machine Cannon provides more rapid fire than the base weapon. Damage is minimal and projectiles are unguided. Useful at close to medium range on lightly armoured targets.
* The short range Plasma Flak variant of the Spitter. Very effective at point blank range or in a target-rich environment.
* The Machine Cannon provides a rapid rate of fire that overwhelms its target quickly. It also rapidly exhausts its ammunition.
* Heavy Cannon projectiles are simple and effective. Dense and fast moving, their

repeated impact does enormous damage and can rapidly destroy targets.

* The range and power of the Beam Artillery makes it ideal for long-range engagements. There is a downside to that power - it will destroy anything that the target is carrying along with the target.
* Guided Ordnance is a medium range guided missile. Ideal for picking off a number of distant lightly armoured craft, or deployed en masse against a larger target.
* Heavy Guided Ordnance carries a high yield warhead and will damage both the target and surrounding objects. Also has excellent seek characteristics, long range and rarely loses a target.
* A captured device named the Gravity Sink. Precise characteristics are unknown. The weapon appears to be gravitational in nature, but has never been seen in operation.
* The Heavy Demolition Charge is cumbersome and slow to deploy, but the results are astounding. Fitted with a five second fuse. Its enormous blast radius makes it unwise to hit the target and cause early detonation. Aim to miss.

Health and Shield.

* The health display shows the basic condition of the player's craft, and when it reaches zero his/her craft can’t go on any more. Health boxes can be collected to improve the state of things.
* The shield protects the player's health from damage. Collecting shield boxes increases the shield strength to provide better protection.

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