OpenRA Guide: Chapter Five: Offensive Theory and Common Strategic Knowledge.

This chapter will enlighten you on offensive measures and how to devise perfect attacking plans. Most of it is common sense, but a lot of it requires fast thinking. You will come to understand all offensive strategies.

Types of Offensive Strategies


Attacking with infantry is a cheap way to offset the player in early game. Although they are inexpensive and motile, they can be easily stopped by a well placed Pillbox/Flameturret early game, or by Walling up with concrete in which the enemy player would have to find an alternative way to reach the inside of the base. The use of infantry past the "production" Timezone requires very honed microing skills to evade deadly long-ranged units like Artillery/V2.

Rifle Men

Not much to say about Rifle Men. Cheap, easy to use, motile. In most cases just cannon fodder.

Rocket Soldiers

Rocket soldiers are a very valuable asset to have on the field in the range of any type of tank attack. Although they are a bit expensive and slow, when they are behind Concrete Walls they are extremely dangerous! You can easily lose a dozen heavy tanks when out of the fog of war a squad of rocket soldiers appears. So remember! Rocket soldiers are deadly versus tanks!


Grenadiers are tricky units to master. If you are in early game and can send a few over to an enemy's base to attack, they can take out a power plant exceptionally fast. In fact 4 grenadiers can take out a single power plant with two grenades thrown by each unit. Very motile and cheap but they also share a "Chain Explosion" much like when you shoot a group of artillery and they all blow up.


Cheap, very motile, great range, an Ideal scouting unit. If you are playing soviets, you are in for a treat! Producing two dogs at the beginning of the game to scout is a great strategy. If you can make it into an enemy's base fast enough early game, you can move your dog in-front of an enemy's barrack and the dog will auto-attack any units that come out of the barracks. Beware though, dogs can only take one hit from a Rifleman.


Expensive, slow, but very dangerous in taking out other units. Have a very far range and can take out some structures in a fast manner. Can't really say I know any players that really use this unit other than Bellator, who makes very fine use of flamethrowers.

Shock Trooper

Not really the best choice for infantry. Slow, small ranged and slow Rate of fire. Also can be killed easily. I can't recall any regular players using Shock Troopers. You are better off buying flamethrowers, Enough said.


A spy is expensive, but can be compensated for if it infiltrates an enemy radar dome or ore refinery. Upon use of a spy it disguises itself as an enemy's unit and can be used to infiltrate structures or assassinating other enemy units. Once inside an enemy ore ref the spy takes half of the player's credits (or 500 credits if the player has low cash). If it were to infiltrate a radar, it disables an enemy player's radar dome. Dangerous unit.


The ultimate test of a great microing player. If you can master the use of a medic (keeping him out of harms way to heal infantry), then it is a very valuable unit to have in the battlefield.


Expensive, very motile and armed with two Colt. 45's and C4. A very valuable unit if you have the money. Can mow down units fast at a large range and has much health. Can also blow up buildings with secondary attack. If one were to drop a few off in an enemy base with the help of a transport helicopter, the results are catastrophic, but you can only make one at a time, so be sure to make good use of her.


This slow moving, easily preventable unit is ultimately the biggest game changer. One can go from losing a game to winning by capturing enemy structures and building off of them in the enemy's own base. Most novices will use engineers as a main strategic move to set back a player in early game. A good countermeasure versus these is to wall up structures like MCV's and super weapons. Most players use it as a last measure to downfall the opposition. Note that some players may feel offended if you focus solely on a tactic that can be considered trolling and have to surrender after a few minutes played, because you have no plan B.



Yaks are VERY dangerous early game. If one can manage to get one out Sub 2:20 minutes than he can fly it over to an enemy's base and take out a powerplant and set back the player severely. Next to Dogs, Yaks are the best scouting unit in the game because of how early they can be produced! Yaks compared to the MiGs are slow and easy to take down. Yaks would mainly be used 2-6 mins into the game and would be used for infantry, light Vehicles and small structures.

Yak Damage Calculations Only Important Structures

Yak Structure

2 Powerplant, Advanced Powerplant, Soviet & Allied Tech Center Chronosphere,

3 Ore Refinery, Barrack, Radar Dome, Service Depot, Nuke, Gap, Tesla Coil

4 War Factory

6 Con Yard


Yak's bigger brother. Fastest aircraft, most dangerous and has decent amount of health, but expensive. MiGs can take a while to get used to. When attacking with MiGs notice how if you don't click anywhere else while they attack, they will just fly over and circle around still attacking the enemy until it is destroyed. This is fine, but there is a better way. Once you've gotten used to it, you can click to attack and once the missiles shoot out to attack, quickly pull your MiGs away to avoid any rocket soldiers or Sam/AA fire. This is the best and most effective way to strike with MiGs. MiGs are also risky, if you see a structure you want destroyed that is across an enemy base, be aware the enemy may throw down a Sam/AA at any time, so be careful! Always try different approaches every time with the MiGs, try not to attack the same position over and over again as the enemy will recognize this and throw up an AA/Sam. Also MiGs are very deadly at taking out ore trucks!

MiG Damage Calculations Only Important Structures

MiG Structure

1 Allied Tech Center Chronosphere Nuke Tesla Coil

2 Powerplant, Advanced Powerplant, Con Yard Soviet Tech Center Ore Refinery,Barrack,

3 Radar Dome, Service Depot, Gap

4 War Factory


Slow moving helicopters, cheap and have decent health. Mostly used to wipe out Rocket soldiers and various infantry, along with some small structures, like power plants and other small defenses.


Hind's bigger brother. These balance out the MiGs. They are moderately fast and shoot rockets. Good for taking out structures, ore trucks and vehicles. They can also shoot down Yaks, MiGs, Hinds, Chinooks and other Longbows. Useful for taking out MiG's by hiding in shroud awaiting MiG's to fly by.


Slow, low health, somewhat cheap. Used to move infantry into battle, can hold up to eight infantry. Very useful for dropping Rocket soldiers, Flamethrowers, Tanya, Engineers into an enemies base. Can deliver a lot of damage if micro-ed into an enemy base wisely. Notable players that use Chinooks: Hamb and WurstSalat.

Remember to always try to avoid Sam/AA as much as you can and never send Aircraft straight into rocket soldiers or Flak. Only fly-by Sam/AA when it is vital to get by or to destroy something near them. With a little experience with Aircraft you will realize they are VERY valuable in the battlefield.Note: Aircraft do not require money to reload

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