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A.D. Is A Free, Open-Source, Historical Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game: Romans (Republican).

Rome evolved from a republic in Latium to a great conquering imperial powerhouse, sweeping across Europe, the western shores of the Mediterranean and North Africa. The Romans were notable for their regimented military, powerful siege engines, broad range of naval vessels, politics, and adaptation to change. The Romans controlled the largest empire of the ancient world. Rising from a group of villages to controlling an empire stretching from southern Scotland to the Sahara Desert, Rome remained one of the strongest nations on earth for almost 800 years, controlling over 60 million inhabitants, one quarter of the Earth’s population at that time.

Civilization Traits
Standard infantry
Incredible siege equipment
Superior defensive construction and mining
An excellent navy
Bad at start, but better towards the later phases
Civilzation BonusesEdit
Testudo Formation
History: The Romans commonly used the Testudo or "tortoise" formation for defense: Legionaries were formed into hollow squares with twelve men on each side, standing so close together that their shields overlapped like fish scales.
Effect: Roman Legionaries can form a Testudo. The Legionaries at the front, back and sides hold their shields to the outside and the Legionaries in the centre raise their shields above their heads. This formation provides improved protection against melee and ranged attacks. However, their movement rate is much slower. The formation button is only available for a group that consists exclusively of Roman Legionaries.
History: Roman Citizenship was highly prized in the ancient world. Basic rights and privileges were afforded Roman citizens that were denied other conquered peoples. It is said that harming a Roman citizen was akin to harming Rome herself, and would cause the enire might of Rome to fall upon the perpetrator.
Effect: Any Roman citizen-soldier fighting within Roman territory gains a non-permanent +10% bonus in armor.
Team BonusEdit
History: Being allied with Rome came with great benefits (as well as great peril).
Effect: Allied citizen-soldiers gain a +10% attack when in Roman territory.
Unique TechnologiesEdit
History: In response to a Gallic-Germanic invasion, the great Gaius Marius reformed the Roman army, turning it from a part-time militia into a professional military force.
All infantry (Hastatus, Principes, Veles, Triarius, Extraordinarius) instantly upgrade to Marian Legionnaires, a champion swordsman whose only citizen-soldier function is in the building of Army Camps, Siege Walls, and Fortresses. Furthermore, no longer can citizen-soldiers be trained, but rather only Marian Legionnaires. This has a large economic impact and is generally a late-game attempt at a game-changer.
Swift Numidian Cavalry unlocked.
Sibylline Books
Specific Name: Libri Sibyllini
History: The Sibylline Books or 'Libri Sibyllini' were a collection of oracular utterances, set out in Greek hexameters, purchased from a sibyl by the last king of Rome, Tarquinius Superbus, and consulted at momentous crises through the history of the Republic and the Empire.
Effect: All units and structures +25% vision range. All remaining technologies have -50% cost and research time.

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