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0 A.D. Is A Free, Open-Source, Historical Real Time Strategy Game: Screenshots (Chapter I).

The main official screenshots of each of the civilizations present in the game 0 A.D. so you can use them as wallpapers.

The work is still in progress and you can use each hand. You can support us by translating the game into your language in Transifex, contributing art or code or simply donating.

If you experience a technical problem with the game, report it to

This is also the first address to visit when you want to devote part of your time to help repair the code.

Do you have more questions or suggestions?

Discuss with other players and developers in the forum or talk to us directly about the IRC.
Egyptian Pyramids.
Brits Abroad!
Babylon Paradise.

Babylon Paradise.
Mediterranean Waves

Carthaginian Town.

Persian Trade Route.
A.D. Is A Free, Open-Source, Historical Real Time Strategy Game: Screenshots (Chapter I).Click to Tweet

Spartan Town.

Mauryan Colony

Favored Son of Carthage

Roman City

source: Play 0 A.D.
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  1. Wonderful backgrounds of HD screens, excellent article. Regards.

    1. Thank you for commenting and participating Maia. Regards.


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