The 10 most popular Linux Games on Linux & The Planet Games in 2017.

We take a look at the best Linux games of 2017, ranging from AAA titles to introspective indie hits.

So park your gamepad, pop your feet up, and raise a glass of something socially acceptable to what’s been another terrific year for Tux fans with twitchy thumbs!

With over 4,000 games now available on Steam for Linux — including AAA titles — Linux gaming has never been in ruder health.

This list features games you certainly will have heard about, as well as some modest outliers which might’ve passed you by. For reference, this list of the best Linux games in 2017 only features titles released on Linux this year or those which released a sizeable update.
The 10 most popular Linux games on Linux & The Planet Games in 2017.

The 10 most popular Linux Games in 2017.

The games that follow are not ranked in any sort of order (I’m not that decisive) but all are games that our readers say kept them busy throughout 2017.
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