Magic Maze is a simple and low-tech monster-bashing maze game. | Linux <p>&<p>The Planet Games</p></p>

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Magic Maze is a simple and low-tech monster-bashing maze game.

Magic Maze is a simple and low-tech monster-bashing maze game.
It was originally inspired by playing Gauntlet II on the Atari ST.


Latest Ubuntu Linux (9.04) has Debian package for Magic Maze. To install, just run 

sudo apt-get install mag.icmaze
magic maze

OLPC XO laptop quick start.

There are ready-made XO files available in the download section for the XO laptop. Download and run sugar-install-bundle on it, or unzip into your Activities directory. For more OLPC information, check the Wiki page for Magic Maze on XO.



Magic Maze free full game (4)_thumb[1]
magic maze
magic maze1
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