Jet Ducks is a classic arcade-shooter mix inspired by Duck Hunt.


Jet Ducks IPA 1.0

Jet Ducks is a classic arcade-shooter mix inspired by Duck Hunt. There's never been a better time to play a brand new old fashioned shooter Jet Ducks on your iOS, because it is FREE now and with a greatly expanded weaponry it has become much more addictive.

The rules stay the same: your dog helps you to locate ducks and your task is to successfully shoot down the birds. But this time there are no mere ducks, you'll stand against well-equipped birds with high-speed jet packs, paintball machine guns what makes them not an easy mark. And they can fight you back.

If that isn't enough, Jet Ducks include a number of guns and supplement stuff. Every level gives you a free upgrade to try: radar upgrade, shotgun, rifle and machine gun M16.

"Every autumn people start hunting us... We are fed up with it!

From now on we'll be armed to the teeth and have parachutes and jet accelerators... So, dear sirs, we'll do hunting our way!

These men will regret every single miss because our weapons won't spare them! We'll make the hunt their worst nightmare..." Want to know more? Are you tough enough to stand out against the Jet Ducks? Then download this game and charge your rifle! On Linux now!


Jet Ducks IPA 1.0







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