109 Action Games Others for Linux (Chapter I).

First-person shooter (FPS) is a video game genre which centers the gameplay around gun and projectile weapon-based combat through the first-person perspective; i.e., the player experiences the action through the eyes of a protagonist.

Generally speaking, the first-person shooter shares common traits with other shooter games, which in turn fall under the heading action game.

From the genre's inception, advanced 3D or pseudo-3D graphics elements have challenged hardware development, and multiplayer gaming has been integral.

The first-person shooter has since been traced as far back as Maze War, development of which began in 1973, and 1974's Spasim. 1987's MIDI Maze for the Atari ST was one of the first network multiplayer action games and also saw release on game consoles. Frozen-Bubble
    frozen-bubble-logoFrozen Bubble is a full-featured, colorful animated penguin eyecandy, 50 levels of 1p game, hours and hours of 2p game, professional quality 20-channels musics, 15 stereo sound effects, 7 unique graphical transition effects. Frozen-Bubble is a clone of the popular "Puzzle Bobble" game, in which you attempt to shoot bubbles into groups of the same color to cause them to pop. It features 100 single-player levels, a two-player mode, music and striking graphics. The game mainly consists of firing randomly chosen bubbles across the board. If the shoot ends up having a clump of at least 3 bubbles of the same color, they all pop. If you're using Linux, maybe we can help. When trying to use your joystick in Frozen-Bubble, if nothing comes up, most probably your joystick isn't configured correctly (or supported in Linux), use --joysticks-info commandline parameter to verify that FB detects your joystick properly:
    penumbra2Penumbra Overture is a first person adventure game which focuses on story, immersion and puzzles. Instead of using violence to progress the player has to use his/her wits to guide Philip on his quest to unravel the past. Like all good nightmares, Philip's begins with something all too real - his mother's death. The days following the funeral are characterized by nothing, save for an incessant feeling of abandonment. Until, that is, he receives a letter from a dead man. Philip's father left before he was born, taking his reasons with him. Now, here he is, opening up the door from beyond the grave. That door leads to more questions, and those questions lead to Greenland. Philip follows the clues - they're all he has left.
    The Last Sorceror
    last sorceror2The Last Sorceror is a fast-action game where you are the leader of a powerful Order of Sorcerors. Having defeated mankind's greatest enemy, the Demon Hordes, you retreat to Haven for a life of peaceful seclusion. This game features Robotron-style action, with the main character being a Wizard who can lay waste to enemy hordes using a variety of magical spells. 
    Contrary to what it says in the game's exit screen, it is perfectly fine to distribute these files to whomever you wish.
    2pong-1.0a2Pong, as the name might indicate, is a pong clone. However, there is one visible difference from the regular pong - it is played with two balls instead of one. Network support is available, and as of the latest release, v1.0a.The game features three modes of play: classic Pong, a time-based mode against an unbeatable AI opponent and a two-on-two mode. Network support is available for one-on-one games.
    The game is written in C++, utilizing the SDL library. Downloads (2Pong v1.0.1a):
    airstrike1Airstrike is a 2d dogfighting game being slowly developed by various people around the net. It is not yet playable although there is an old version which may be a bit fun to try. We are developing the game using only freely available tools, and we try to do everything ourselves. The source code and the 3d models are released under the GPL licence. Features include alpha blended raytraced graphics and accurate physics. The picture on the left is a part of a screenshot from the game.
    Ambassador of Pain
    aop_level2Ambassador of Pain (Aop) is a curses based arcade game for Linux/UNIX with only 64 lines of sourcecode.
    To download the source code click here: aop-0.6.tar.gz
    Additionally you may want to browse the archive here.
    AmphetamineAmphetamine is a cool Jump'n Run adventure game witch offers some unique visual effects Amphetamine was created by Jonas Spillmann.
    I ported it from Windows to Linux. It will also work under some versions of Solaris on SPARC. The current version uses SDL.
    The Unix/SDL version is maintained by Lukas Loehrer.
    left/right arrows move
    left control fire
    space bar jump
    tab action (press buttons)
    Apricots apricotsApricots is a game where you fly a little plane around the screen and shoot things and drop bombs on enemy targets, and it's meant to be quick and fun. Despite the name, it has nothing to do with apricots. It's a game where you fly a little plane around the screen and shoot things and drop bombs on enemy targets, and it's meant to be quick and fun. There can be up to 6 planes, at most two human-controlled. All others will be computer-controlled. Network support is in to do list.
    ardentrystArdentryst Ardentryst is an action/RPG sidescoller, focused not just on fighting, but on story, and character development. Strategy as well as reflexes will be needed to overcome the game. The player is guided through a storyline which he or her must act in and play a major role in keeping peace and order in Ardentryst. The game features two playable characters and a variety of weapons, items, armour, monsters, and beautiful level scenery and graphics. Ardentryst is a platformer game and plays similarly to games such as Castlevania and Maplestory. There are RPG elements present in the game such as attributes, abilities and an inventory system which increases the depth of in-game play. Levels are played in a sequence defined by the world map, similar to the Donkey Kong Country series games, and there is a boss stage at the end of every world.
    asciiquarium1ASCIIQuarium Enjoy the mysteries of the sea from the safety of your own terminal! Asciiquarium is an aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art. It includes multicolored fish, a whale, and a fish-eating shark.KDE Asciiquarium is a KDE screensaver based off of Kirk Baucom's FABULOUS asciiquarium program (http://www.robobunny.com/projects/asciiquarium/). Or in other words, it's a simulation of an ocean scene, but using ASCII art instead.

    Atom Zombie SmasherAtom Zombie Smasher (commercial) Atom Zombie Smasher is an action-packed game that plays out across a number of missions where your goal is to evacuate zombie-infested cities with a helicopter and groups of mercenaries. As a game, Atom Zombie Smasher is just a series of RTS matches. You’re harvesting resources from a map. Instead of fighting an enemy, you’re fighting time, because the resources go bad in a matter of seconds (these are very short matches). You get three or four units, which makes Atom Zombie Smasher a bit of a puzzle game.Sometimes you’ll get a perfect set of tools for the situation. Other times, you’re completely and utterly screwed. It’s all indie graphics — dots, really — strung together in a simple but effective campaign mode.

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    Axis Runner

    Axis Runner is a 3D game inspired by the Apple II game "Lode Runner". It features a built-in graphics engine and runs fine without hardware acceleration. All direction is relative as characters climb up on the walls and ceiling, reminiscent of the fighting scenes in movies such as "The Matrix". This idea comes from some years ago; basically a 3D lode-runner type game with a weird topology: if the runner bumps into a wall he climbs up (like the fighting scenes in "The Matrix" or "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon") but if he reaches an edge he falls, in the current downwards direction. I.e. the direction of gravity changes. To keep the world finite it is enclosed in a cube. Typically characters walk on the ceiling/up walls/pipes etc.

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      Babaliba is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer game programmed by Víctor Ruiz, founder of Dinamic, one of the great software companies of Spanish software "golden age", in 1985. It is part of the trilogy started with Saimazoom, followed by Babaliba and ended with the amazing Abu Simbel Profanation, starring Johnnie Jones. Babaliba is a video-adventure with fast movements and frenetic action. Colourful and big sized graphics, not forgetting we are talking about a 1985 Spectrum game. The goal of the game could be the script of a 50's decade adventures movie starred by Clark Gable, or more recently by Indy Jones (the character that "inspired" Johnnie)

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      • Balloon Chase In Balloon Chase you fly a hot air balloon and try to blow the other player out of the screen There is no AI in balloon chase (at least not yet), so you must have 2 players in order to play.
      • battalion battalion was a game written in 1994 on a Silicon Graphics Indy in GL for the Indizone-3 contest. This version also ran in the CAVE(tm) as a virtual reality game at the EVE 4 art show in May 1995.
      • Battlemech Battlemech is a game in which you pilot a mech from an overhead view, fighting other mechs with a variety of weapons in a struggle to gain points, capture the flag, or defend the base.
      • Be The Wumpus Be The Wumpus is a game with no graphics and no text, only audio. You are a wumpus, a blind, cave-dwelling creature who subsists on meals of unlucky cave wanderers.
      • Blob Wars : Blob and Conquer Blob Wars : Blob and Conquer is a 3rd person action shooter. With the apparent defeat of Galdov and the reclaiming of the Fire, Time, Space, and Reality Crystals, the Blobs' battle was only just beginning. Bob had rescued many Blobs and fought many battles, but now he had an ever bigger task ahead of him. The Blobs' homeworld is still littered with the alien forces and Bob once again makes it his task to lead the counter attack. But even without Galdov the aliens are still extremely well organised.
      • Bobby (commercial) The game is simple: knock all of the green balls into the spirals, and then proceed to the next dimension. A lot of bouncing around and swearing "Just one more try" later, and you could save the world!
      • Bomba, Bechere! Bomba, Bechere! pits you against terrorists who have penetrated a factory.
      • Bug Squish In Bug Squish, you must defend your arm from an onslaught of blood-sucking insects. Use your fly-swatter to squish them before they suck you dry.
      • cave9 cave9 is a gravity cave-exploration game. It's a 3D version of the classic SF-Cave game. Your ship goes into a cave at constant forward speed, and you have to control two diagonal thrusts to keep it from hitting the walls. As the game progress, the cave will twist more and become more tight.
      • Cavepilot Cavepilot is yet another cave flying game in the spirit of the old legendary Amiga games Turbo Raketti and Gravity Force.
      • CAVEZ of PHEAR CAVEZ of PHEAR is a Boulder Dash / Digger like game for 80x25 consoles/terminals using ncurses.
      • ChouXiang ChouXiang is an abstract shooting game.
      • Curses Lines Curses Lines is a "Lines" game for the Unix terminal. It requires a certain terminal size, supports a mouse (curses or GPM), and works with various ncurses libraries.
      • Cylindrix Cylindrix is a polygonal 3D action strategy shooter. It was released for DOS in 1995, and is now ported to Windows and Linux.
      • dangen dangen is a shoot 'em up game that attach importance to accuracy of shooting. With the combination of the cursor key and the shot button, you can shoot at your side or even at your back. Get the bonus point by hitting the enemy without a miss. You can choose stages of different difficulty.
      • Darwinia (commercial) The world of Darwinia is a virtual themepark, running inside a computer network built by a computer genius named Dr Sepulveda. Darwinia is populated by a sentient evolving life form called the Darwinians. They are the product of a decades worth of research into genetic algorithms.
      • Deathchase 3D Deathchase 3D is a remake of the Sinclair Spectrum game of the same name. It's a pseudo 3D game based on the light speeder sequence from "Return of the Jedi" where you have to shoot the bad guys' speeders
      • Domino Blast Domino Blast is a physics-based driving/demolition game with a children's toys theme.
      • Dr. Sanity Dr. Sanity is a fast-paced game where you must protect a brain from going insane for as long as possible. Armed with a special "sanity medication" and 5 über-pills, you must keep the insanity from reaching the brain in the center of the field.
      • Dwarrendelf Dwarrendelf is a fairy tale game, The fairy realms of Uldramar are being invaded. You start your quest on the shore of the Twilight Waters.
      • Dynamite Jack (commercial) Dynamite Jack is a stealth game featuring 28 levels, map editor, community sharing, and speedrun leaderboards.
      • egg-O-shOOter (commercial) egg-O-shOOter is a 2D first person shooter where players collect points by shooting the eggs, but never shoot at creatures.
      • enemy lines enemy lines is a simple abstract 2D shooter game. The goal is to shoot the lines coming from the right before they hit the left border.
      • Epic Inventor Epic Inventor combines side-scrolling, RPG, and RTS elements into a random ball.
      • Escape of the Unicorn Escape of the Unicorn is a 2D flying shooter game. The aim is to escape from the dangerous cave and save your life.
      • Fight or Perish Fight or Perish is a Dandy-inspired dungeon crawling action game. It utilizes cellular automata to allow for literally hundreds or thousands of enemies on the map.
      • FlatFrag FlatFrag is a multiplayer action shooter game. With its deathmatch fights it strives to be an entertaining arcade-style experience. The game is played from a bird's eye view and contains some 3D effects in order to make it not seem too flat. Currently only the game mode deathmatch is available, but others will probably be developed in the future.
      • Free Fallin' Fred: Open His Chute Or He'll Be Dead Free Fallin' Fred is a very simple clicking game. You see the airplane going across the screen and after a while, Fred jumps. You click on Fred to open his chute. If you fail to open the chute in time, poor Fred will be dead. Don't let Fred die.
      • Genuts Snake Genuts Snake is a remake of the popular classic snake game.
      • Gillo Gillo is a two-player game in a virtual reality environment. Players are cars with a magnetic director, able to attract or reject a ball in order to throw it through a goal placed in the center of the playing field. It sounds easy... but remember that reality is fuzzy!
      • GLSFcave GLSFcave is a port of SunFlat's SFcave to UNIX/OpenGL. The objective of the game is to control a ribbon and avoid hitting walls.
      • Gunroar Gunroar is an abstract shooter, created by Kenta Cho.
      • I Have No Tomatoes I Have No Tomatoes features solid game play with beautiful OpenGL API driven isometric 3d graphics and nice music. It also includes a MOD player, and you can use your own MOD-type music in the game background.
      • irrlamb irrlamb is a 3D game that probably involves a lot of physics and frustrating gameplay.
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