107 Action Games FPS for Linux (Chaper 2).

First-person shooter (FPS) is a video game genre which centers the gameplay around gun and projectile weapon-based combat through the first-person perspective; i.e., the player experiences the action through the eyes of a protagonist.

Generally speaking, the first-person shooter shares common traits with other shooter games, which in turn fall under the heading action game.

From the genre's inception, advanced 3D or pseudo-3D graphics elements have challenged hardware development, and multiplayer gaming has been integral.

The first-person shooter has since been traced as far back as Maze War, development of which began in 1973, and 1974's Spasim. 1987's MIDI Maze for the Atari ST was one of the first network multiplayer action games and also saw release on game consoles. figh win prevail1
  • Fight Win Prevail Fight Win Prevail (or FWP for short) is a FREE multiplayer first person shooter. The game is set in an imaginary universe where pilots meet in special arenas to fight to the death with their vehicles.
  • Force: Leashed Force: Leashed is a first person gravity fiddler. To advance, you need to guide rockets to their targets using spherical potential fields. And no, it's not like Portal.
  • Freedoom The Freedoom project aims to create a complete Doom-based game which is Free Software. Combined with a Free Source Port, people will also be able to play the back catalog of extensions made to Doom by hobbyists over the last 10 years.
  • Hell World Hell World is a FPS adventure game which features excellent graphics, a dark atmosphere and an excellent scenario. It is designed to be a port to the Windows-only version of Hell World.
  • Heretic Heretic is a port of the popular DOS game that runs under X11, GGI and SVGAlib.
  • Heretic II (commercial) Heretic II is a third-person action game based on the Quake II engine, Heretic II sets players on a quest through vast, city and outdoor environments as they search for a cure to a deadly evil plague before all is lost.
  • heXen:Edge of Chaos heXen:Edge of Chaos will be a new and free game, based on the original Hexen game that was developed by id Software and Raven Software.
  • HHexen HHexen is committed to improving the original Hexen engine in any way possible. It is based on Karl Robillard's Linux Hexen engine.
  • LAB3D/SDL LAB3D/SDL is a port of Ken's Labyrinth to modern operating systems, using OpenGL for graphics output and the SDL library to provide user input, sound output, threading, and some graphics support functions. Music output is through Adlib emulation or MIDI (MIDI only on Windows, Linux and other operating systems with OSS-compatible sound APIs).
  • Legends Legends is a fast-paced, FPS-style multiplayer game. The game is designed to take advantage of the beautiful environments in the Torque Gaming Engine while still offering the breakneck pace and variety of gameplay styles available from classics such as Quake and Tribes. Read more
  • LsdlDoom LsdlDoom includes many bug fixes and improvments in portability and usability, as well as many new features to lxdoom.
  • LTKTBM LTKTBM is a fast paced, single and multiplayer action built on the all time, original, classic code:- Action Quake 2 into a heavly enhanced engine with superior sound and graphics, whilst still maintaining compatibility with both the hundreds of AQ2 servers and the original Quake 2 specifications.
  • Neuro-Evolving Robotic Operatives Neuro-Evolving Robotic Operatives, or NERO for short, is a unique computer game that lets you play with adapting intelligent agents hands-on. Evolve your own robot army by tuning their artificial brains for challenging tasks, then pit them against your friends' teams in online competitions!
  • nmaFPS nmaFPS is a first person shooter. The aim is to shoot down as many 'drones' as you can in the arena you play in. If the number or living drones exceeds 10, you lose. The drones appear at random places at regular intervals.
  • Ogrian Carpet Ogrian Carpet is an outdoor First Person Shooter game with Real Time Strategy elements, inspired by the game 'Magic Carpet,' using Ogre3D as the renderer. Fly around an island casting spells, summoning monsters, collecting mana, and building castles.
  • Open Arena Fortress Open Arena Fortress is a mod for Open Arena that adds customizable player classes. You can choose from familiar preset classes, such as "soldier" or "sniper," or create your own by choosing your starting weapons and armor class.
  • Open Quartz Open Quartz is a project to supply GPL'ed artwork in the form of PAK and WAD files to create a fully GPL game based around the GPL'ed quake sourcecode. This includes models, maps, soundfx and textures. Read more
  • openFRAG We intend openFRAG to be a gaming platform, using a set of abstract features we hope to be able to attach "themes".
  • PoopmUp As a child, you where tortured in the playground. You where a victim of the highschool hirarchy. You hacked hours on end, and build a machine that transphormed you into a bird. You are now free (as in speech) to fly around the city and poop on passers-by.
  • Postal 2: Share the Pain (commercial) In Postal 2: Share the Pain you can interact with well over a hundred unique characters including marching bands, dogs, cats and elephants, protesters, policemen, ordinary passers by, and of course, Gary Coleman!
  • PrBoom PrBoom is a version of the classic fps game Doom by id Software. Specifically, it's an engine for playing Doom levels, based on the source code released by id Software. It aims to be free, reliable, portable, and support a wide range of levels.
  • Prey (commercial) Prey is a first-person shooter video game developed by Human Head Studios and produced by 3D Realms. Read more
  • Quake Quake is the Linux version of Quake, a famous DOS game.
  • Quake II Open Source Quake II Open Source is an open source version of the commercial first person shooter Quake II. It has been updated from the commercial version for security, performance, and functionality.
  • Quake III Arena Cell Shading Quake III Arena Cell Shading is a modification for Quake III Arena which makes the game look like a painting or cartoon. Two techniques are used. The default one (Kuwahara filtering) simplifies the texture a bit, and the second one removes the texture, so it looks plain.
  • Quake2World Quake2World is an unsupported, unofficial, multiplayer-only iteration of id Software's Quake II. It aims to blend the very best aspects of the entire Quake series to deliver an enjoyable FPS experience in a free to download, stand-alone game.
  • Quake3: Arena (commercial) Quake3: Arena and Demo is a first person shooter, featuring polished network play and beautiful OpenGL graphics. Read more
  • Quakeworld Quakeworld is an Internet multi-player specific version of Quake.
  • Quetoo Quetoo is a Quake2-compatible game engine for GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. It's focus is simplicity, security, stability, and speed. It contains critical security updates for both clients and servers, bandwidth saving network protocol enhancements, an improved console, and some major speed increases.
  • Receiver (commercial) Receiver was created for the 7-day FPS challenge to explore gun handling mechanics, randomized levels, and unordered storytelling. Armed only with a Colt 1911 A1 and an audiocassette player, you must uncover the secrets of the Mindkill in a building complex infested with automated turrets and hovering shock drones.
  • Red Eclipse Red Eclipse is a single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2, which lends itself toward a balanced gameplay, completely at the control of map makers, while maintaining a general theme of agility in a variety of environments. Read more
  • Rise of the Triad Rise of the Triad is a Linux port of the 1995 shooter, from source recently released by 3D Realms.
  • Rubicon X Rubicon X is a free, cross platform, first person shooter that continues the story of Bungie?s Marathon trilogy. First released as Marathon:Rubicon in 2001, Rubicon X is a complete overhaul of the original. It features all new high-resolution artwork, new and updated maps, and enough surprises to feel like a whole new game.
  • SDL Hexen SDL Hexen is a port of Raven Software's popular Hexen 3-D shooter game.
  • sdlquake sdlquake is an SDL port of id Software's Quake.
  • Serious Sam (commercial) Serious Sam a port of the popular first person shooter.
  • Slickworm Slickworm is a game with a vehicle physics and a landscape engine. It now has a first-person mode with rocket launcher which can deform the terrain. It also has a vehicle that can be driven. The landscape engine uses variable Level-Of-Detail with geomipmapping.
  • Smokin' Guns Smokin' Guns (originally known as Western Quake) is intended to be a semi-realistic simulation of the "Old West's" great atmosphere. Read more
  • Space Plumber Space Plumber is a first-person 3d game, not much different to Doom and Quake. The main goal is to reach the extraction pumps before the water level increases swamping everything. Each of the 30 levels that conform the game have progressive difficulty by adding more pumps and consoles that you must deactivate first, and by making the map bigger. There are no enemies, you fight against time and misorientation, and you only have your skills to move inside the maze.
  • StandAlone Q3 Standalone Q3 is a modified version of Quake 3 GPL engine allowing to play Quake 3 mods without the need of the original Quake 3 CD.
  • TC:ELite TC:ELite is a modern world total conversion modification of the free, popular, stand-alone third-person shooter Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
  • Tenebrae Tenebrae is a modification of the quake source that adds stencil shadows and per pixel lights to quake. Stencil shadows allow for realistic shadow effects on every object in the game world. Per pixel lighting allows you to have fine surface details correctly lit. These are essentially the same algorithms as used by the new Doom game.
  • Textmode Quake Textmode Quake lets you play Quake at a text terminal, in an xterm, or over a telnet session.
  • The Castle The Castle is a game in a dark fantasy setting. Your main weapon is a sword, so the fight is mostly short-range. 3 main levels are included, packed with creatures, items, and sounds.
  • The Hunted The Hunted is a single player FPS game based off of the Darkplaces engine. It is completely standalone, meaning that you do not need any prior files to run it, and it comes in a series called chronicles.
  • Tilda Tilda is a Linux terminal taking after the likeness of many classic terminals from first person shooter games, Quake, Doom and Half-Life (to name a few), where the terminal has no border and is hidden from the desktop until a key is pressed.
  • Transfusion Transfusion plunges you into a world originally created in 1997. Created with the BUILD game engine (Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior), Blood was a tour de force of horror that has yet to be matched, in which you battled minions of evil in a lightning-paced, blood splattered quest for glory.
  • Trepidation Trepidation is a first person shooter set in the future based on the GPL IOQ3 Quake Engine. Trepidation features all new weapons, maps and vehicles. Currently planned game types are DM, CTF, Last Man Standing and 2 others to be announced.
  • TSSHP The System Shock Hack Project: to reverse-engineer and then re-engineer System Shock. Why? Because Looking Glass have just folded and we want to preserve the legacy.
  • Tuxanci Tuxanci is a multiplatform game, inspired by well-known czech game Bulanci (by the SleepTeam Labs team), distributed under GNU GPL license.
  • UHexen UHexen is yet another port of Raven Software/Id software Hexen game for Simple Directmedia Layer and FreeBSD console.
  • Unreal Tournament 2003 Unreal Tournament 2003 is a lightning-fast, no-holds-barred sport of the future, where warriors face off like the Gladiators of ancient Rome to determine the ultimate combatant.
  • Vavoom Vavoom is a source port based on sources of Doom, Heretic, Hexen and a little bit from Quake. Supported platforms are DOS, Windows and Linux.
  • Wolf4SDL Wolf4SDL is an open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D to the cross-plattform multimedia library 'Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL)'.
  • WolfGL WolfGL is a famous DOS game from 1992 created by id Software. This is an attempt to port the source (released in 1995) to Linux.
  • ZDoom ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source. It features support for all Hexen editing features (including ACS, hubs, etc.), support for most BOOM editing features, freelook, jumping, and translucency support, a Quake-style console, high screen resolutions, removal of the original DOOM's limits, support for many more music formats (including MOD, IT, XM, S3M, MIDI, MP3, and MUS), better mouse support, UDP networking, and more.

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