Worminator is a really awesome sidescrolling action game as an homage to the Apogee and iD classics.

worminator logoWorminator 3 is akin to many Apogee Software and ID Software classic action games such as Duke Nukem and Commander Keen.

In it, you play as The Worminator (or as several other optional characters) and fight your way through many levels of madness and mayhem.

It features nine unique weapons, visible character damage, multiple supported resolutions, full screen scrolling, sound and music, and more.

Here are some key features of "Worminator":
· Fast, fluid scrolling
· More than 9 unique weapons, and 8 different weapon types
· Multiple ammunition types
· Lots of gibs and shrapnel (all cartoonish, though)
· Visible character damage (as you get hurt, the Worminator actually becomes bloody)
· Visible weapons (every weapon actually appears differently on the Worminator. Most platform games have a single weapon graphic that shoots every type of projectile)
· Over 12 fully animated enemies
· Comes with over 16 levels, and a level editor is built into the game so you can make your own maps!
· Keycards, doors, special items, switches, lever, extending bridges, floating platforms, and more!
· Earthquakes rip the ground apart, while snow and rain fall around you!
· Great MIDI tunes by Dave Cha (www.nahxp.com)
· Parallax scrolling, plus four data layers in every map. This makes the engine very flexible
· Game includes two single player campaigns with special scripted events, as well as an option to load custom maps
· Stereo sound effects (where avalible)
· Limited 'skins' support; you can play as many different characters!
· Ability to record and playback demos!
· Five difficulty settings, customizable controls, multiple resolution support.



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