GNU Robbo is a famous atari XE/XL game ported to Linux.

gnurobbo066-01GNU Robbo is a famous atari XE/XL game ported to Linux. Robbo the robot is trying to get out of the planet. He must collect all parts of capsule to move to next level.

GNU Robbo is a free open source reimplementation of Janusz Pelc's Robbo (->) for the Atari XE/XL (->) which was distributed by LK Avalon (->) in 1989.

    Graphical skin support: Oily, Original and Tronic
    Sound skin support: Default, Free and Oily
    Support for user supplied music
    1113 levels across 28 packs converted from Robbo and Robbo Konstruktor
    A mouse/stylus driven level designer
    Support for Alex (a Robbo clone) objects
    Support for Robbo Millenium objects
    In-game help
    Reconfigurable options and controls
    Support for the mouse/stylus throughout the game
    Support for keyboards, analogue and digital joysticks
    Centering of game within any resolution >= 240x240
    Simple build system to maximise porting potential
    Support for locales: English, Czech, German, Indonesian, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Swedish

Gameplay Enhancements.
The gameplay of the original is faithfully reproduced with a few modifications :-
    Lives has been removed and suicide replaced with level restart
    Scoring has been removed: goal is level advancement
    Bears don't endlessly spin around themselves or other bears of the same type
    Capsules don't spawn from questionmarks
    Solid laser fire is not left live after the originating gun has been destroyed

    libSDL (->)
    libSDL_mixer (->)
    libSDL_image (->)
    Optional: libSDL_ttf (->)
Additionally you will require the corresponding "-devel" development packages for building the source.

Game help and default keys are explained in-game.
For support please visit the project's support page.

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