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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prey is a first-person shooter with the player in control of Tommy as he explores the Sphere and fights the inhabitants aboard the craft.

Prey is a first-person shooter video game developed by Human Head Studios and produced by 3D Realms.

The Xbox 360 port was developed by Venom Games. The game was initially released in North America and Europe on 11 July 2006, and later was made available on Valve's Steam system on 6 November 2006.

Prey uses a heavily modified version of id Tech 4 to use portals and variable gravity to create the environments the player explores.

The game's story is focused on Cherokee Domasi Tawodi as he, his girlfriend, and grandfather are abducted aboard an alien spaceship known as The Sphere as it consumes material, both inanimate and living, from the Earth in order to sustain itself. Tommy's Cherokee past allows him to let his spirit roam freely at times, and gives Tommy an edge in his attempt to stop the Sphere.

Prey had been in development in one form or another since 1995, and has had several major revisions. While the general approach to gameplay, including the use of portals, remained in the game, the story and setting changed several times. The game received generally positive reviews and was a commercial success, selling more than one million copies and leading to the development of a sequel, with rights owned by the Radar Group. The rights were recently transferred to Bethesda Softworks and Id Software parent company Zenimax Media.
The story focuses on Domasi Tawodi (also known as "Tommy"), a Cherokee garage mechanic and former U.S. Army soldier living on a Native American reservation in Oklahoma. At the beginning of the game, Tommy is in a bar owned by his girlfriend, Jen. Tommy is tired of living on the reservation, and constantly tries to push his heritage away, while at the same time trying to convince Jen to leave home, if only for a short while, to which she refuses steadfastly. After an unfortunate bar fight, the entire building is lifted up by a gravitational force into a green light above. Tommy, Jen, and Tommy's grandfather, Enisi, are transported back to the massive alien starship called the Sphere. After docking, all three, along with countless other captives, are dragged through the upper levels of the Sphere. Tommy is freed in an explosion set off by a stranger who, despite being cybernetic like most of the Sphere's denizens, appears to be working against it rather than for it.

Tommy witnesses Enisi's death in a brutal alien device. While trying to find Jen, he falls from a walkway and has a near-death experience where he meets with his grandfather's spirit who bestows him with spiritual powers. After returning to the world of the living, Tommy gains the ability to spirit-walk, allowing him to separate from his body to pass through forcefields and operate consoles normally out of reach, as well as the aid of his spirit guide, the ghost of his childhood pet hawk, named Talon. Despite being entrusted by his ancestor's spirits with the mission to protect all of mankind from the sphere's invasion, Tommy can't stop worrying about Jen, and he only cares about how to find and rescue her. As the game's tagline says, "Earth's savior doesn't want the job."
Features include:

* Built on an enhanced Doom 3 engine
* Multiplayer deathmatch
* Portal technology adds a new dimension to gameplay, allowing enemies to appear out of thin air and create new and completely original puzzles and gameplay styles
* Several unique gameplay elements such as Spirit Walking, Wall Walking, and Deathwalk
* Highly organic, living environment that itself can attack Tommy
* Deep, emotional story of love and sacrifice
* Tommy has a sidekick, a spiritual hawk that can help him fight enemies and decipher the alien language of the living ship
* Multiplayer game support that takes advantage of the unique gameplay styles in Prey
* PunkBuster support


  • Can be downloaded here.
  • To install: set the downloaded file to be executable and run it. chmod a+rx ./prey-installer-02192009.bin
  • You will need the PC version: either the 3 CD set, the single DVD Collector's Edition, or a normal installed copy of the game, such as you'd download via Steam. You will need a valid and unique CD key in any case. The Mac version's install disc has not been tested, and the XBox 360 version will not work.
  • To install the Linux version using datafiles downloaded through Steam, run the installer like this (assuming the Windows partition is mounted at "/mnt/ntfsdisk"): ./prey-installer-02192009.bin --from-install --media '/mnt/ntfsdisk/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/prey/base'


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Argonium is a standalone Multiplayer FPS powered by id software's Quake 2 engine.

Argonium is a standalone Multiplayer FPS powered by id software's Quake 2 engine.It includes over 100 sound files, over 250 image files and over 50 models.

Argonium includes 5 different weapons, 1 player character with 3 skins, 3 powerup items, armour and health items.

The game is strictly a Deathmatch game and comes with 3 levels.The engine is released under the GNU General Public License and the sourcecode is released with the game.

argonium-1.00-i386.tar.gz (21MB)
source code

Extract to wherever you put your games. eg. /usr/local/games/

tar xvzf argonium-1.00-i386.tar.gz -C /usr/local/games/

Run ./argonium to play!

Get Chitika | Premium


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Saturday, January 21, 2012

NERO for short, is a unique computer game that lets you play with adapting intelligent agents hands-on.

Neuro-Evolving Robotic Operatives, or NERO for short, is a unique computer game that lets you play with adapting intelligent agents hands-on.

Evolve your own robot army by tuning their artificial brains for challenging tasks, then pit them against your friends' teams in online competitions.

New features in NERO 2.0 include an interactive game mode called territory capture, as well as a new user interface and more extensive training tools.

NERO is a result of an academic research project in artificial intelligence, based on the rtNEAT algorithm. It is also a platform for future research on intelligent agent technology. The NERO project is run by the Neural Networks Group of the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. To learn more about NERO, check the About page and the illustrative videos. To try out NERO, download the game binary and run the tutorial. To use NERO in your research or teaching, contact NERO team.

Currently, we are developing an open source successor to NERO, OpenNERO, a game platform for AI research and education. If you like NERO, please consider contributing your testing and development skills to that project. You can find out more at OpenNERO Google Code page.


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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ogrian Carpet is an outdoor First Person Shooter game with Real Time Strategy elements, inspired by the game Magic Carpet.

Ogrian Carpet is a first-person 'shooter' inspired by Bullfrog's Magic Carpet. It started as a remake of Arabian Flights, which I made from Oct 2002 to Oct 2003. My goal was to create an impressive demo of my coding ability, to facilitate my entrance into the games development industry when I graduate.

I wrote it in java because I am very good at java, and I believed it would allow me to get a good project done (reletively) quickly. I was correct, and I am very happy with the result. However, Arabian Flights is plauged with Java3D library bugs (which may never be fixed) and bad performance. Also, Most 3D games are not written in Java.

Thus, I decided to re-make the game in a whole other language, namely C++. I found the Ogre3D engine and realized it would make an excellent graphics library for my remake. Thus the name 'Ogrian Carpet'. I was espeically pleased with Ogre when I was able to make a landscape with ocean, sky, and islands in a matter of hours based on the examples. What had taken me 30 hours to do with Java3D took less then 5 hours of simply cutting and pasting from the Ogre Examples. The result was significantly prettier too. I quickly set up a SourceForge account and threw together this webpage.

The Purpose of Arabian Flights was to show off my coding ability. To facilitate this, I open-sourced it. This means that anyone can get the source code freely, and even use it in their own projects (as long as their project is also licenced under the GPL). This also meant that I could use SourceForge's resources for free, including ad-free webhosting and CVS services.

I waited until I was done with Arabian Flights before releasing it under the GPL, but for Ogrian Carpet, I am releasing it under the GPL from the beginning. I feel that I have proven my ability to code alone, and I welcome any help on my current project.

If you want to work on Ogrian Carpet with me, simply sign up with SourceForge as a developer (if you haven't already) and send me an email saying you want to join the team.


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