In Black Shades you try to keep your VIP (the guy in white) alive as long as possible.

In Black Shades you try to keep your VIP (the guy in white) alive as long as possible.

The assassins will all try to shoot or stab him to death. You must do all you can to prevent this.

Black Shades Elite is an action game that is more or less similar to the original Black Shades "Psychic Bodyguard FPS".

Kill anyone that tries to kill the VIP (the white guy).

The psychic part is seeing blue lines when bad guys line up on the VIP (when the line is red they are about to shoot).

Your reputation has preceded you, so the VIP has absolute confidence in your abilities and will completely ignore all the assassins.

David Rosen created Black Shades for the uDevGame 2002 contest on idevgames. His original Readme (His Readme has proper game play instructions). And the Postmortem. Mr. Rosen's site for the original is here.

Black Shades for Linux is currently only available via SVN: svn co svn:// blackshades

A Gentoo ebuild is available which pulls the source from SVN.


Currently checking out from svn is probably your best bet, or just use the nightly builds

For install/play:

user@host$ make
user@host$ objs/blackshades


Hopefully it isn't too buggy. Post any bugs on gna's bugzilla. Thank you.

Go to the GNA Project page.
Here are some screenshots taken from the game (Press F12)

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