LTKTBM, fast paced, single and multiplayer action built on the all time

LTKTBM, fast paced, single and multiplayer action built on the all time, original, classic mod:- Action Quake 2. into a heavly enhanced engine with superiour sound and Graphics, whilst still maintaining compatibility with both the hundreds of AQ2 servers and the origonal, giving you easy access to online play with people close to you.

The FULL install does not require any previous installation of either Quake 2 or AQ2 and adds many gameplay and graphical enhancements to the quake 2 engine.

If you just want to see what its all about you can download the small installer AQ2 LTKTBM Lite v1.9.0.25 wieghing in at just 13MB

You can now download the full installer here

Take a dose of classic quake 2, fill it with game play from one of the best all time classic mods, AQ2. Whisk up a large cup of gore and toast with some new graphics and sound, and you know you've got the start of something special.

Once thoroughly cooked, gently stir in the power of ltktbm to bring a taste of single player, and provide some much needed character assassination, put in a single, hugely expandable package, that anyone and everyone has access to and you've successfully whipped up AQ2 LTKTBM Edition: Codename: THE EXTRAS (simply LTKTBM).

All this, in combination with the proven playability of multiplayer AQ2, stability of the Quake2 engine and versitility and shear number of aq2 maps.

LTKTBM provides 3 levels of game play, which are all as different as they are similar'
Firstly, simple deathmatch; everyone for themselves, kill as quickly and as frequently as possible, and take pride in getting your name at the top of the scoreboard'
Secondly, Teamplay; Group carnage to the extreme, the fast paced, wipe them out first game type that AQ2 made famous' Simply select your side and armoury and let the killing commence' Group performance is the goal here, but individual performance still plays a large part'
Thirdly, new with LTKTBM, Movie script; difficult to describe as an individual game type, Movie script is more like teamplay+, providing variability and script twists galore' Movie script provides a more organised teamplay type utilising LTKTBM’s AI to provide ‘all action’ characters to interact with in a group basis, where each ‘gametype’ is as individual as the level itself'

LTKTBM also adds some extra abilities to your AQ2 arsenal:
The spotlight: Gone are the days when dark multiplayer maps are more of a nightmare than atmospheric, the spotlight not only allows you to find your way in the dark, but can also be a valuable method of communicating with your team' The spotlight comes automatically attached to the MP5, M3 assault shotgun, and M4 assault weapons

The sword: Enter the realms of the true elite with this powerful hand to hand combat weapon' Deflect enemies shots and cut the down to size before kicking them to their death' The sword comes as a weapon choice in teamplay/movie script, or as a default secondary weapon in deathmatch'


bullet and smoke effect

blood up

battle to the death

New explosion effect

weapon spotlight

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