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Monday, August 9, 2010

PoopmUp is an open source arcade-style 3D flight simulator.

PoopmUp is an Open Source arcade-style 3D urban flight simulator. It is written in C++ using OpenGL.

We originally used GLUT as an upper layer, but recently moved to Simple DirectMedia Layer as it is easier to install for an end user and it is a more powerful tool to create user interfaces.

Right now the website is in its beta version. Most of its functionalities are still in developement.

As a child, you where tortured in the playground. You where a victim of the highschool hirarchy. You hacked hours on end, and built a machine that transformed you into a bird.

You are now free (as in speech) to fly around the city and poop on passers-by. It's time to get revenge! It's time to Poop'm'Up.



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