Magicor, the puzzle game.

magicorMagicor is a small puzzle game similar to the old NES classic solomon's key.

You control tux the penguin and create ice blocks to extinguish all fires.

This is a fast-paced puzzle game that you can play for five minutes or hours, depending on how much time you have and how much you like it.

The objective is to extinguish burning fires using already blocks of ice, either created by the player or the game itself. Although learning the game physics and controls is easy, solving some of the levels is not.

The game is free (as in freedom of speech), licensed as Public Domain, and it has been developed using all free tools and libraries on free platforms.

    *      Up (move up in menus)
    *      Down (move down in menus)
    *      Left (move player left or change menu option)
    *      Right (move player right or change menu option)
    *      Action (create/destroy ice, toggle or select menu option)
    *      Start (obsolete, use Action instead)
    *      Escape (activate/deactivate menu; only customizable for joystick, always ESCAPE-key for keyboard controls).

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