In Black Shades Elite you control a psychic bodyguard, and try to protect the VIP


Black Shades Elite Black Shades Elite is an action game that is more or less similar to the original Black Shades "Psychic Bodyguard FPS". Kill anyone that tries to kill the VIP (the white guy). The psychic part is seeing blue lines when bad guys line up on the VIP (when the line is red they are about to shoot). In the game you play as the psychic bodyguard of the VIP (dressed in white) who enjoys walks around city blocks despite the fact most of the world seems to want to kill him.

To aid you in your task of protecting the VIP, your psychic bodyguard abilities show you when a assassin with a gun targeting the VIP, however this does not show assassins with knives. To dispatch the would be assassins the game provides a handgun, assault rifle, magnum, hand grenades, a knife and the shotgun. All these weapons are used by the AI assassins too, so if you start with a knife, you can retrieve a better weapon from the dead opponent. Additionally you can hit oppenents with your weapon while running to take them down.


Currently checking out from svn is probably your best bet, or just use the nightly builds

For install/play:

user@host$ make
user@host$ objs/blackshades


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