Paintown is a 2D fighting game in the same style as Double Dragon and TMNT

Paintown is a free beat´em´up game similar to final fight or double dragon.

Most of the characters are well known from other beat´em´ups and comics. There is a single player adventure mode and you can also play in versus mode against another player.
Changes in 3.2:

* Python scripting module added
* More options added to the menu
* Added player Wolverine
* Game takes screenshots while playing
* Network mode more reliable
* Players have score

Get the source
The engine lives at

$ svn co

The data lives in a different folder

$ svn co
Compile paintown
You can use cmake( ) or scons( ) to compile paintown.
With cmake:
Make a temporary directory:
paintown $ md b

Cd into that directory and run 'cmakesetup ..'
paintown $ cd b
paintown/b $ cmakesetup ..
It should bring up a graphical configure thing that you can setup the build system. You might have to play with it to get it to find zlib and libpng. Once its configured run 'make'
paintown/b $ make
The executable should end up in paintown/b/bin/paintown.exe

With scons:
On linux/anything not windows
paintown $ scons
On windows you have to tell scons to use mingw or not. To use mingw add 'env=mingw'
paintown $ scons env=mingw
Or if you want to use visual studio or whatever
paintown $ scons

It might take some work to get paintown to compile with non-gcc compilers. You need the following libraries to compile paintown Run paintown
./paintown [-m] [-w] [-d data-directory]
Without -d some-directory paintown will assume the data directory is ./data. The -w option starts paintown in fullscreen mode. Without it paintown will start in windowed mode. The -m switch turns off music.

Level/Character editor Paintown comes with 2 seperate gui's for making levels and editing character animations.

Both live in editor.jar

To run the level editor type

paintown $ java -jar editor.jar

To run the animation editor type

paintown $ java -classpath editor.jar com.rafkind.paintown.animator.Animator

Both gui's should be sort of intuiative, try loading a pre-existing level or character if you have no idea what to do. I wrote a manual for the level editor a while ago, some widgets have changed since then but the overall idea is the same.

Level editor manual


Source and data tar.gz


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