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Barbarian is a classical fighting game remake from the C64

Barbarian v2.00 has been released.

The evil sorcerer Drax desires Princess Mariana and has sworn to wreak an unspeakable doom on the people of the Jewelled City unless she is delivered to him.

However, he has agreed that if a champion can be found who is able to defeat his demonic guardians, the princess will be allowed to go free. All seems lost as champion after champion is defeated.

Then, from the forgotten wastelands of the North, comes an unknown barbarian, a mighty warrior, wielding his broadsword with deadly skill. 

Can he vanquish the forces of Darkness and free the Princess?.

program version filesize date description
Adventure X 6 169281 1/5/2001 This adventure game is based on the classic adventures: No clicking, but typing! Great stuff.
barbarian libs - 283610 9/4/2003 Install this file if Barbarian is not starting on your computer (Mac OS X only).
Barbarian Linux 1.01 921194 9/30/2003 Barbarian for Linux.
Barbarian Mac OS X 1.05 4779607 7/26/2004 The Mac OS X version of Barbarian.
Barbarian Windows 2.00 8418832 1/7/2009 Barbarian for Windows.
Gordian Tomb 1.00 5117580 2/27/2006 Nice game with an awesome soundtrack.
Green Beret 1.00 327430 6/25/2001 This is the PC version of the classic C64 game! Don't miss out.
Sensitive Mac OS X 1.01 3527024 7/16/2004 Sensitive for Mac OS X.
Sensitive Windows 1.01 2932044 10/10/2004 Sensitive for Windows.
Snake Pitcher 0.31 58488 6/23/1997 Snake clone.
Spore Windows 1.00 3269162 12/14/2004 Spore for Windows.



12MB hard disk space

SDL 1.2 installed in /usr/local/lib


Mac OS X

16MB hard disk space

SDL 1.2.7 installed in /usr/local/lib


Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

DirectX 7

40MB hard disk space


version filesize Barbarian for Linux 1.01 921194 Barbarian for Mac 1.05 4779607
Barbarian is a remake of the classic game on various 8 and 16 bit systems (C64/Amiga/ST/etc). You can play the original game on an emulator.


Palace Software


Gary Carr (Original Amiga graphics)

Jo Walker (Original Amiga graphics)


Uglyfiers (Edwin Bos and Thomas Bolhuis)

Docteur Prepu


Edwin Bos

Thomas Bolhuis


Richard Joseph (Original Amiga sounds)

Various other sources (Linux and Mac versions)

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